Services We Offer​

We offer a wide variety of services from virtual receptionist to emergency dispatching professionals with over 100 years of experience in residential and commercial services.​ We are here to handle all of your phone services needs. From answering alarms, phone calls, emails, text messages, managing your O/C schedule and scheduling appointments we have you covered.

How can we help you?​

Virtual Receptionist

Ensures that no customer call goes unanswered. Let us answer your calls and resolve basic customer needs, scheduling appointments, routing calls, email, fax and texting messages or providing account information. Virtual receptionists are tailored for your specific company. Know what’s right and will offer you the best possible solution.

Emergency Dispatching

No need stay up late or give out your personal phone number! Let us answer your business hour and after-hour emergency phone calls. We priorities incoming calls and dispatch the appropriate agency or O/C technician. All calls are documented and and call logs are available. Whatever your emergency, we can help.

Call Overflow

From small to large sized companies, we have the necessary equipment, training and staffing to provide top-quality services for all your calls or just the call overflow. Set up is easy and always know you have have our staff ready to back you up on the phones.

Alarm and System Monitoring

We are able to monitor all alarm and system types. We serve elevator phones, water alarms, well alarms, alarm failures, communication failures, email failures, call outs to technicians, opening gates and many other monitoring and alarm services

Secure Messaging with SM+

Looking for that extra layer of security and HIPAA compliance? Use our secure messaging with SM+ and log into a third party application to receive messages.

Voicemail and Phone Service

Having multiple business lines can be expensive for company. Let us host your phone number and get set up with a 24/7 live operator, voicemail or a mix of both if you prefer. Your new phone provider and virtual receptionist all in one.

We’re Here to Help! Call Us Today and Find Out How Easy it is for Us to Answer Your Phones!