More Than JUST an Answering Service.
24/7 Virtual Receptionist
365 days a year

Locally owned and operated in Salinas, California since 1954. We have been answering your phones for over 70 years. Purposefully small but dedicated to quality. We are a boutique service offering a personalized experience with a limited number of clients. We get to know you and your specific business needs. Call us today!

Who Are We?​

A Team of 24/7 Live Virtual Receptionists and Emergency Dispatching for any Business.​

At Jane’s Answering Service we strive to be an extension of your team. We know that real live people answering your phones drives business. Our goal is is to offer the highest level of customer service while you stay focused on what matters. Whether it is a complicated issue or one that just needs a quick phone call or message, we’ll help you and your clients figure it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call our office in Salinas, California today!

How can we help you?​

24/7 Virtual Receptionist

Our receptionist are here to answer your phone calls 24/7. Whether it is call overflow, short staffed, or need help during a vacation or the holidays. We have you covered to take your calls full time at a low monthly cost.

Emergency Dispatching

Let us manage your O/C schedule and dispatch your emergency phone calls. Provide your emergency procedures and let us do the rest. Once we have your O/C schedule and best points of contact we can do the rest!

Alarm Monitoring

From emergency phones, elevators, well alarms, water alarms, gates and everything in between we have the necessary equipment and training to provide top-quality service and alarm monitoring.

Too many calls?
Have an Emergency?

Need help answering your phones, we offer affordable emergency services that is just a call away. Call us today and join our mission to change the world one phone call at a time.

What Our Customers Say About Us​

Answering Your Phones Since 1954

Let us look after your calls while you look after your business. Learn more about what we are doing to help your business grow today.